Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) – Why is it important?

According to an analysis by the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, at least 60% of private sector net new jobs are created by existing establishments. This primary employer growth drives our local economies through increased employment and capital investment, resulting in increased spending in our communities. ACED recognizes this critical dynamic and strives to support the overall business climate, ensuring the vitality and competitive advantage of Adams County’s existing industries.

By increasing local industry competitiveness and profitability, and by decreasing the frequency of downsizing, layoffs, outsourcing and business closure, ACED and the BRE Taskforce play a key role in our local economic health. Through their unabated commitment to existing primary employers, ACED’s business retention and expansion efforts maximize the community’s investment into economic development initiatives; thereby, creating more jobs and better quality of life for Adams County citizens.

Source: Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, May, 2012.

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Featured Business Story: Kuni Furniture 

Kuni-Logo-Final-331KThe word ‘Kuni’ is Swahili for wood. They specialize in solid wood semi-custom and custom tables that feature unique modern designs. Their tables utilize Colorado’s Beetle Kill Pine as well as premium hardwoods like American Cherry and Walnut. Each table is a Kuni original design that provides timeless enjoyment to owners. There are multiple design collections divided into 3 groups: Select, Premier, and Limited. Kuni’s Premier group feature solid American Cherry and American Walnut tables.

Kuni’s founder Jay Dawson has master’s degree in Manufacturing Management with 15+ years of experience in manufacturing. He combines his construction experience, love for design, and a desire to create to lasting unique pieces of art. “I realized construction is a young man’s game”, explained Dawson. Kuni’s company philosophy is to embrace the wood’s ‘defects’ and celebrate each tree’s unique characteristic. “Stories made up of trials and storms, rains and droughts, and summers and winters. These changes build character within us and make for the most interesting stories.”

Kuni’s primary focus is the Colorado Front Range customers who want a high quality, Colorado crafted piece of wood furniture. They produce ‘made-to-order’ furniture that employs lean manufacturing principles. This way they can ensure that each customer gets our full attention and gets a product made with the customer in mind. They are committed to giving priority to Colorado and US made products.