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Member Monday: Colorado Lighting

To raise awareness about what we do and who we can connect you with here at ACED, we’re featuring stories of our Members (Investors) each Monday. This week’s story shines a light on the women-owned Colorado Lighting, an ACED member since 2009.


An Experienced Team Helping Companies Go Green

Colorado Lighting is proud to be a women-owned business that was established in 1977. Our specialty is our skill to design, specify, install and maintain energy efficiency solutions for our customers. We have seen a steady growth and our unique attributes have allowed us to service all of Colorado as well as parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

The Frank Family, owners & operators of Colorado Lighting

Even though we have seen growth we still take pride in the fact that CLI is a family business that treats customers as if they are part of the family. Our mantra has always been that our customers are just an extension of our family, and we treat them as such. They know they can depend on us to give them what they need. That relationship is far more rewarding than just profit.

Such devotion to customer service and family is what makes CLI stand out among its peers. And it has paid off. CLI has been a leader in the “green” movement long before it was hip to be green. CLI takes pride in showing how we can make a profit by helping customers save money in the form of energy costs, while also helping save the environment at the same time. While some of CLI’s peers may take a “profit at any cost” approach, our staff requires all projects taken on by CLI be consistent with CLI’s ethical commitment to customer value, environmental stewardship, and employee safety and well-being. If a project fails to meet one of these principles, then CLI declines to participate.

With over 40 years of experience in the lighting and electrical field we have amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding new opportunities as they come along to be able to provide the best outcomes for our customer’s individual needs. Be it LED lighting, controls, quality improvement, or safety features – just to mention a few – our staff is skilled to provide these services.

Along with our growth, our leadership team and the next generation, Christopher Frank, our Chief Operating Officer and Robin O’Dorisio, our Chief Integration Officer, are leading us into even more expanded growth. We are excited about the future opportunities that the lighting and electrical industry hold for us and keeping this legacy in place.

Colorado Lighting, Inc. is very proud and thrilled to be celebrating forty (40!) years in a business that has allowed us to provide employment opportunities and to be very active in supporting the surrounding community and to help promote the local area that holds so much history and being able to expand our support for many worthwhile causes.

“Colorado Lighting has been a member of Adams County Economic Development for many years. They provide a wealth of opportunities for networking, education, as well as managing and promoting our Enterprise and Hub Zones. ACED is truly a value-added proposition for any Adams County business.” – Norma Frank

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