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Adams County 2014 “Colorado Companies to Watch” Winners
The State of Colorado and the Edward Lowe Foundation recognize Colorado’s top second stage companies.  In order to qualify, these companies must be privately held, employ six to 99 full-time employees, have $750,000 to $50 million in sales, and not only be surviving, but thriving.  The 2014 Colorado Companies to Watch program recognizes four Adams County winners.

Colorado Companies to Watch Winner Continental Sausage, has been producing European style and gourmet sausages in Denver, Colorado since 1969. Over the years, Continental Sausage has become a nationwide leader among high-end sausage connoisseurs, using only the highest quality raw materials in order to produce superior products. – Learn more at

Colorado Companies to Watch Winner Performance Mobility located in Colorado, Oregon, and Utah is a quality source for wheelchair accessible minivans, vans and vehicle equipment designed specifically for people with limited mobility.  They are committed to providing the highest quality accessible transportation to enhance quality of life for individuals and families.  Learn more at

Colorado Companies to Watch Winner RMS Cranes, LLC specializes in crane rentals, hoisting and construction equipment services for Colorado and surrounding states. Founded in 2006, RMS Cranes is family owned under the umbrella of Rocky Mountain Structures, Inc.  Learn more at

Colorado Companies to Watch Winner Sharklet Technologies is a biotechnology company that develops surface technologies that are designed to inhibit microorganism growth to make the world a healthier, environmentally safer and better place. Inspired by the microbial-resistant properties of sharkskin, Sharklet™, the company’s core technology, is the world’s first micro-texture developed to control bacteria including Staph a., MRSA, VRE, E. coli and a host of others.  Learn more at


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