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Adams County Announces NEW Scholarship Fund


Adams County will be disbursing more than $1 million in student scholarships through the Adams County Scholarship Fund—a new collaboration between the County and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Based on the number of students on free and reduced lunch, the County will receive $516,718 from the state because the County Commissioners were able to match this fund dollar for dollar with revenues from retail marijuana sales tax. More than 1,900 students in the seven Adams County school districts (Mapleton 1, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams County 14, School District 27J, Bennett 29J, Strasburg 31J and Westminster 50) are eligible for scholarships, which are multi-year grant awards.

Research suggests that one-year $1000 scholarship awards do not impact college enrollment. Students with this level of scholarship support often do not use their awards because they are not able to afford the rest of the tuition.  Additionally, there a far fewer scholarships available to college sophomores and the competition is far greater for the available awards.  Our low income, first–generation students often do not have the family support that other students have.  They are often going to school while working to support their families.

The Adams County Scholarship fund will close the gap for these students by providing them with multi-year scholarships to a Colorado public institution. The Adams County Scholarship Fund will be administered by the Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC). ACEC will establish an eligibility criteria checklist for each sub-scholarship grantee to ensure compliance with the rules of the grant and work with each school district on ways to provide ongoing support to the students who receive the scholarships.  For more information on the grants, contact Chuck Gross, ACEC Executive Director at or 303-453-8515.

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