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Adams County Communities and Denver Announce New Regional Pact to Drive Job Creation at and around Denver International Airport

On June 3, 2015 leaders from Adams County and Denver announce the new region pact which is the first major amendment to the original 1988 intergovernmental agreements (IGA) that enabled the creation of DIA and guided the opportunity for commercial development.  Under this new agreement, Adams County and Denver communities would create a 1,500-acre pilot program on DIA to allow a wider spectrum of commercial uses.

“Working through the complexities of this historic agreement with all of the stakeholders opens a new era for the ACC members and Denver.  We were able to find common ground with jobs, regional growth and long and long-term benefit for our residents always at the core of the negotiations.” –  Airport Coordinating Committee Chair and Adams County Commissioner Erik Hansen.

“As the largest economic engine in the state, this agreement strengthens DIA’s competiveness with other major world airports and will result in economic benefit to Adams County and all jurisdictions in the Aerotropolis,” said Barry Gore, President/CEO of Adams County Economic Development.


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