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Brittany Evans, President of Clear Intentions to Speak at Executive Showcase

Clear IntentionsACED is proud to announce Brittany Evans, President of Clear Intentions and located in Adams County, will kick-off the Executive Showcase on April 14, 2016 with a “Ted Talks” style presentation.  As a young entrepreneur, Brittany is transforming the manufacturing industry by creating a standard of excellence in her company’s work environment, implementing innovative recycling practices, while educating her target audience on the benefits of diverting glass from the landfills.  Entrepreneurs like Brittany are making Adams County a better place.

ACED also invites keynote speaker, Jeff Hoffman co-founder of, a successful entrepreneur, world-wide motivational speaker, Hollywood film producer, and a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album.

In today’s competitive marketplace, leaders are now challenged with higher expectations of company performance with minimal resources.  As a result, employee output is impacting the competitiveness of companies across the nation.  Mindset is critical to the performance, growth and innovation of a company. By enabling a culture of idea generation and entrepreneurialism, those willing to take the risk are benefiting significantly.

Join ACED to learn more from Evans and Hoffman and their game-changing concepts of Creating a Standard of Excellence with an Entrepreneurial Mindset on April 14, 2016.  Register Now – this event will sell out!  For more information, visit:

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