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Colorado’s Enterprise Zone program provides tax incentives to encourage businesses to locate and expand in designated economically distressed areas of the state. There are 16 Enterprise Zones and 2 sub-zones in Colorado. Businesses located in an Enterprise Zone may qualify for up to nine Enterprise Zone Tax Credits that encourage job creation and investment in the Enterprise Zone.  Local jurisdictions may have additional incentive opportunities in the Enterprise Zone.  Please use the grey, left-hand navigation bar indented beneath “Enterprise Zone (EZ)” for links to other EZ resources (Tax CreditsState MapEZ Administrator Contact InfoEnhanced Rural EZContribution ProjectsPublic Records Law & Annual Reports).

For more information on legislative changes, please visit the EZ Legislation web page.

Overview Table
Please use the links provided in the table below to access the Department of Revenue tax form and FYI Publication for each tax credit. If claiming Enterprise Zone tax credits it is recommended that you review the Enterprise Zone FYI Publications available from the Department of Revenue.

Investment Tax Credit 3% of equipment purchases Online form FYI Income 11
Job Training Tax Credit 12% of qualified training expenses Online form FYI Income 31
New Business Facility (NBF) Tax Credits:

        Jobs Credit $1,100 per new job Online form FYI Income 10
        Ag Processing Jobs Credit $500 total per new a.p. job Online form FYI Income 10
        Health Insurance Credit $1,000 per new insured job (avail for first 2 years in EZ) Online form FYI Income 10
R&D Increase Tax Credit 3% of increased R&D expenditures Online form FYI Income 22
Vacant Building Rehabilitation Tax Credit 25% of rehabilitation expenditures Online form FYI Income 24
Manufacturing / Mining Sales and Use Tax Expanded S&U tax exemption in EZ DR1191 Currently
Commercial Vehicle Investment Tax Credit (CVITC) 1.5% of commercial vehicle purchases CVITC Application CVITC Details
FYI Income 11
Contributions to Enterprise Zone Projects 25% cash / 12.5% in-kind of donation DR0075 FYI Income 23
Local Incentives Increased incentives in some EZ areas N/A N/A

*EZ Contribution Project will provide contributor w/ the DR0075 form.

For more information, please visit the Tax Credits page of our website, or click to download a Fact Sheet:

Enterprise Zone Fact Sheet

Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone Fact Sheet

Enterprise Zone CVITC Fact Sheet   

State Map

Certification Forms

Enterprise Zone tax certification forms:

Form DR0074, DR0076, and DR0077 require on-line completion.  Forms DR1191 and CVITC may be completed in hard copy; for these, click on the form name to download the form.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print forms. To download the free Adobe software, click here.

The steps for PRE-CERTIFICATION are as follows:

  1. Log on to to request the PRE-certification of Enterprise Zone Tax Credits.
  2. Fully complete date the enterprise zone tax form and submit.
  3. After the form is processed, notification is provided via email.  If approved, please keep Certification Number for future reference for filing year end activity.

The steps for certification are as follows:

  1. Log on to  to complete the certification of Enterprise Zone Tax Credits.  Please answer all questions on the form, including employment and investment figures, whether or not you are claiming credits related to employment and/or investments. These figures are used for state statistical purposes.
  2. Automatic electronic delivery of Adams County Enterprise Zone tax forms are submitted for approval to:
    Karra Walker
    Business Outreach & Resource Coordinator
    Phone: 303-453-8518
    Fax: 303-453-8505
  3. Upon receiving your fully completed on-line certification form from the state, ACED will certify that your location is located within the Adams County Enterprise Zone. It will be electronically approved with a confirmation via email returned within 48 hours.
  4. As of January 2012, forms submitted via hard copy will no longer be accepted.  All tax credits must be submitted electronically at  In order to receive the tax credit, a copy of the electronic form submitted in addition to the confirmation e-mail needs to accompany the Colorado income tax return. It is important documentation required by the State to substantiate your claim for credits taken. Do not send the form independently of your tax return; it must be attached to your return like any other supporting schedule.
For more information on the Enterprise Zone, please contact:
Karra Walker
Adams County Economic Development
12200 Pecos Street, Suite 100
Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: 303-453-8518 Fax: 303-453-8505
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